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Ports of Call Simulator 3d II

a game by MultiMediaStudio Dipl.-Ing. Rolf-Dieter Klein

Ports Of Call Simulator 3D II (pocsim3dII) is a modern ship simulator program, developed over years and new available in a new version. Its the sequel of POC Sim3D, now using Direct X 9 and modern grafic with many new possibilities. Beside the classic berth and departure of ships used with POCXXL, there is also a racing mode in which up to 4 players can play at the same time in one scene. In addition to the classic ships used in Ports Of Call also liners, tankers, hovercrafts, submarines and an ecranoplan (a so called surface vessel) can be used. The number of ships is constantly increased. Current highlight is the implementation of the cruise liner Queen Mary 2 (also available in POC XXL).

There several levels of difficulty from beginner to masters. The later using a real ship behavior. Also supported are different input devices, that is controlers like gamepad, joystick, wheels etc, which you can configure yourself (using a maximum of two at the same time).

Also available commercial versions for education, exhibition and training available using multiple screen, stereo etc. Contact poc@rdklein.de.

system requirements

You need a little bit higher performance for that all than in the old sim 3d but the grafic engine is also more sophisticated. With current 3d grafic cards of the Nvidia or ATI series there should be no problem, please post questions into the user forum.


graphics card

3d graphics card with Direct X 9.0c support and 256 MB of texture memory

( GeForce 6800 or ATI X600 or higher necessary)

sound card DirectX 8 compatible
CPU 2Ghz (Intel) or 2800+ (AMD) recommended with 512 MB memory

Windows XP or Vista with DirectX 9.0c


download ALL Setupfiles as ZIP per WETRANS All POC setup files. Special for security settings on windows 10/11

Zip files work better !

Important: We now provide a so called managed download: a small file is downloaded and excecuted first, it then begins downloading all required packages automatically and starts installation once the download is finished. An automatic update checker is also included.

download POC Sim3D II

Version 1.63 from 28.11.2008 Wise-manager download + autoupdater
[512k + 380 MB]

download runtime

Runtimepackage if problems with the Wise-manager installer above (msvcr71... missing)

download full

full installer as ONE file version 1.63b
[380 MB]

rev 1.63b:
bugfix: full installer had problems when using as updater from old versions.
rev 1.63:
major bugfix on some strange crashes into the harbour!
New detailed harbours: Naples, Antwerpen, also the container training island and a new small harbour "supereasy"

rev 1.60:
bugfix: when calling from pocxxl, some ships did a crash.
rev 1.58: new features: waether system (ALT-W) with fog, rain and snow, also new water, see forum, also a new ship and many more

With verison 1.58(titel shows 1.57) Vista installations should run also (we had a bug in the Wise Installer Sp1)

If you can an older version than 1.52 installed before, best is to deinstall first
Problems and Bugs please send to poc@rdklein.de.

> Please use the forum for ideas and critic poc Forum.

preliminary manual in PDF format (rev 1.30)

please send bugreports to poc@rdklein.de This is really very helpful

license overview

Here's an overview of the POC Sim3d features enabled by pocplatinum license.

  demo pocplatinum
time per game 4 min unlimited
Maps 1 harbour
all POCXXL-harbours,
pocXXL-Integration no yes
Netzwerk no yes (1 licence per user needed)
Controler yes (cannot save settings) yes 2 controler at the same time

By buying a license you also support future development of POC XXL and POC Sim3dII.


Against violence in computer games?

Support the development of violence-free games by buying a license of Ports of Call. Attention you need a valid email address to receive the license code. We dont ship CDROM usually.