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Attention: Licenses are processed MANUALLY, can take up to 1-3 working days. Check spam folders and optionally provide a different email, check carefully the email provided to paypal. Got some cases where the email was invalid, so I cannot respond.
download ALL Setupfiles as ZIP per WETRANS All POC setup files. Special for security settings on windows 10/11

Zip files work better ! Also TRY Ports Of Call before buying a license - it works restricted!

Unsure which license to buy? See license options below for more details.

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privacy policy

About buying POC licenses

Good news: we have three different POC Versions of Ports Of Call: the classic POC, the new POC XXL and POC Sim3dII here you can get serial numbers for unlimited playing time.

But you can play POC classic for one hour without charge and I think it is fair enough to charge you if you want to play such an old game for more than one hour. Anybody who bought an AMIGA version send us a note with a proof of purchase or so and I will send the pocsilver free of charge. (that were not many people that bought it in the past - most had a crack), and we also never got license fee from the distributor at these times.... But the payment for the classic game is also to support us for the new games. Now we have micropayment and I want to use it also for the new games.

You can buy a SILVER license to unlock Ports Of Call the classic version and the new Windows versio . GOLD is for the new POC XXL (and classic version - also classic windows) and PLATINUM is for POC XXL and POC Sim3dII !


SILVER- For around 4 Euro (depending of the shop tax and xchange) you get a serial number and a certificate as POC user for the classic version (DOS + new windows version) for unlimited playing time. This is really a low price for this classic game.

GOLD - For around 10 Euro (depending of the shop tax and xchange), you will also be able to unlock POC XXL. Write you opinion to poc@rdklein.de). You can also unlock POC Classic and the arcade mode of POC Sim3d. You really help us NOW with this certificate!

PLATINUM - for around 40 Euro (depending of the shop tax and xchange) Get a universal serial number for all games (POC Classic + POC XXL + POC Sim3d + POC Sim 3dII) and as a sponsor get listed in the Hall of Fame of updates on Poc XXL and POC Sim3d II on request.
Currently this is a LIFETIME license that means it will be valid for all upgrades of POCXXL + POCSIM3DII..

Here's an overview of what you can do with each of the licenses. Attention you need valid email account. You get an electronic licence code per email - Download all programms before this and test them at your computer before you purchase the license.




POC Classic
  • 4.5 mio at start
POC Classic
  • 7 mio at start
POC Classic
  • 10 mio at start
  • 2d Sim activated
  • user addons
  • 2d Sim + training modus in the office
  • POC Sim3d + SIm3dII integration
  • user addons
  • hall-of-fame on request
  • online highscore
POC Sim3d
  • arcade-mode
POC Sim3d + Sim3dII
  • arcade-mode
  • real simulation-mode
  • add-on ships / scenes possible


Please use PAYPAL above to pay
You get the serial number aaroudn maximum 24 hrs after payment (done manually)

click here for a GERMAN TEXT

If you have any problems with shopping, you can transfer the money, within EU in EUR else minimum a pocgold is required due to high transfer cost, please email your payment wish to: poc@rdklein.de - we will send instructions. If one of the shops does not respond, please try again a little bit later. Its the easiest way to pay.
Attention: on resending lost licenses we have to charge a 4.- Euro fee to do an in depth search without order numbers. Please carefully store your licenses. If we cannot find a trace the license is LOST and you need to buy a new one.

The prices of the products in our shop (PAYPAL...) contains the tax fee determined by the german law (MWST). External Shops as SWREG might add additional VAT automatically by the operator of the shop, dependant by the country of origin of the buyer and the origin of the shop. Licenses with Serialnumbers and also programs are delivered electronically (download, email), there is no additional shiping fee. This an information published according to the new price law (Preisabgabenverordnung) which starts at the 1.1.2003.