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How to enter the POC license?

Now simplified, read carfully the email you get. You need adminstrator rights to install the license.
The first mail might contain the 5 digit SN number and a signature. This number is only for reference and not enough. The 2nd mail is the important one with the registry keys. It will enable POCXXL and POCSIM3Dii (depends on the license type). For POC Classic (DOS, Windows) you need the old registration number also listed in the email (sn name town).

Why is POC CLASSIC not free any more?

Your money helps us to develop new versions like POC XXL and Sim3D(II) with more to come...

CDROM Version ??

Q: Do I get a CDROM ?

A: Usually NO. We cannot handle CDROM normally, the product is for download only and the license is shipped electronically. Important is a valid email account, also check you SPAM folder if you do not receive the license immediatly after purchase.

FORUM registration?

You need to register i the forum to post questions. Due to massive spams, at the same time you need to write an email to use so we can enable the account (forum name required in the email).

My version has expired. What shall I do?

The auto updater should download and install a new version automatically. If that does not work you have to do it yourself - you can get the latest update here.

Vista/Windows 7 and License installing?

Attention: right click the pocxxl icon before starting and choose "start as admin", then follow the steps above.

My keyboard is not working any more. What now?

Ports of Call supports a limited number of controlers only. Disconnecting joysticks etc. from your system should help.


Q: How can we save the shipwrecked?

A: Try to approach with same speed and directions towards the raft (+/-10%)

Quickstart POCXXL

Q: How do I get a ship and start the game ?

A: Very quickly. Choose a homeport, then in the main menu go to the shipbroker. There buy a low cost ship (container or bulk). For more valueable ships you dont have the money or status points at the beginning of the game. Then back in the main menu start the simulation elapsed time and wait. If you are in the harbour choose a freight and destination then charter (dont forget to refuel just in case).


Q: Are there any cheats ?

A: Not any known, but a trick to gain more money is to buy and sell ships. Watch the market prices, they are like like a sine curve. Buy preowned or better ships when the price is low and sell them once it is high.

No solution in sigth?

Feel free to send us an email. Please do not forget to include a detailed description of your problem, your system and your POC version.